STEP Western Australia

We welcome all professional advisers, educators and students with a trusts and estates focus in their practice, whether for private or corporate clients.

STEP Western Australia branch was officially launched on 22 July 2009 and now has more than 80 members.  Membership is open to a wide range of professionals who work in the area of trusts and estates.

We hold educational seminars on a monthly basis (excluding January and June), usually on a Wednesday or Thursday evening in the middle of the month.   These seminars cover a wide range of topics within the fields of trusts, succession planning, estates and tax.  For the benefit of our members outside the Perth metropolitan area, some seminars are streamed online.  We are approved as a CPD provider by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia.   Prior to each seminar, there is an opportunity to meet and network with other members.

We encourage the study of succession law by donating prizes in this subject at Murdoch University and Curtin University.  We have links with other professional bodies and have held joint seminars with The Tax Institute.  We are also represented on the Probate Committee of the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Committee Members

Jim O'Donnell TEP

Jim O'Donnell TEPChair

Jackson McDonald
Loreena Gillon TEP

Loreena Gillon TEPVice Chair

Chartered Accountant
Jennifer Bruce TEP

Jennifer Bruce TEPTreasurer

Perpetual Trustee Company Ltd
Ms Elise Croft TEP

Ms Elise Croft TEPSecretary

Mark Fatharly TEP

Mark Fatharly TEPCommittee Member

Murfett Legal
Amanda Liston TEP

Amanda Liston TEPCommittee Member

Amanda Liston Legal
Mr Grahame Young TEP

Mr Grahame Young TEPCommittee Member

Francis Burt Chambers
Claire Hawke-Gundill TEP

Claire Hawke-Gundill TEPCommittee Member

Kott Gunning
Mr Christopher Osborn TEP

Mr Christopher Osborn TEPCommittee Member

Williams & Hughes
Danielle Bechelet TEP

Danielle Bechelet TEPCommittee Member

Avon Legal
Janelle Walsh

Janelle WalshBranch Administrator

STEP Western Australia Events

Date Event Venue
Friday 26 October 2018 STEP Western Australia Branch Incapacity Conference


  • Justice Geoff Lindsay Supreme Court of NSW
  • Ms Mandy Tibbey
  • Dr John Hockley TEP
  • Mr Lewis Chiat
  • Mrs Fran Ottolini
  • Mr Gaynor Noonan
  • Prof Paul Skerritt
  • Mrs Susan Fielding TEP
  • Mrs Sally Bruce TEP
  • Ms Rachel Cosentino
  • Dr Elizabeth Vuletich

This conference will cover elder abuse and protection of vulnerable persons, person lacking capacity, suffering mental disabilities, mental health, addiction and substance abuse problems.

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The Westin, 480 Hay St, Perth WA 6000

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