How to Join?
…..It’s Easy!

Whilst STEP has various categories of membership, in Australia, we have simplified the way in which you can join STEP.


Join today as an Affiliate if you have prior Certificated Learning (essentially a relevant degree or professional qualification) and Experiential Learning (essentially at least 1 year working in a trust and/or estate role, most likely under supervision).

To apply fill in the Affiliate Membership Application Form. You can then upgrade your Membership to become a TEP.

Full Member

Join today as a Full Member if you meet the criteria by ticking any one of the following:

  • Have ten years’ senior experience working at a leadership level in the industry, in practice or academia. To apply fill in the Expertise Application Form.
  • Have completed an accredited course with one of STEP’s educations partners (The College of Law, The University of Adelaide, The University of New South Wales Business School and Deakin University). To apply fill in the Accredited Partner Application Form.
  • Are an Accredited Specialist in Wills, Trusts, Estates or Succession accredited by the Law Society/Institute in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria or New South Wales. To apply fill in the Accredited Specialist Application Form.

Links for Australian Practitioners

Listed below are additional links specific for Australian Practitioners seeking to join STEP. These will be helpful on your path to STEP Membership:

Any Questions? Get in touch with the STEP Membership Team for Guidance

For more information about joining STEP email the STEP Australia Membership team on The STEP Membership Team will assist you in selecting the right route to membership for you and support you along the way.