How to Join STEP

Are you looking to become a STEP Member now? Join today as an Affiliate and then upgrade your Membership to become a TEP. Click here to learn more.

There are three main routes to join the leading international network of experts in family inheritance and succession planning. Just select the route that is most appropriate for you.


Additional Joining Routes for Australian Practitioners

1. “Accredited Courses”

You can apply to become a STEP Affiliate Member while you study to gain access to an array of benefits. Alternatively, apply to become an Associate or Full Member once you’ve gained the required number of credits through accredited partner course modules. More details here

STEP has accredited courses with the following education partners:

  • Deakin University
  • The College of Law
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of New South Wales Business School
2. “Specialist Accreditation Scheme”

In the legal profession, an Accredited Specialist is a practising solicitor who has demonstrated specialised competence in a particular area of law and has been conferred Specialist Accreditation by the Law Society under its Specialist Accreditation Scheme. More details here

Learn more about the Specialist Accreditation Scheme at:

  • The Law Society of South Australia
  • Queensland Law Society
  • Law Institute Victoria
3. Become an “Affiliate Member”

Candidates not looking to pursue Full membership or intending to enrol on a STEP qualification can apply for Affiliate membership based on Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL). More details here

Get in touch with the STEP Membership Team for Guidance

For more information about joining STEP email the STEP Membership team on . The STEP Membership will assist you in selecting the right route to membership for you and support you along the way. Ensure you also request to be put in touch with your Local Branch.

Additional Links for Australian Practitioners

Listed below are additional links specific for Australian Practitioners seeking to join STEP. These will be helpful on your path to STEP Membership:

The routes to membership are further explained on the STEP Worldwide Website. For more information about joining STEP email and request to be put in touch with your Local Branch.